The Holy Land of Helvetia, once protected by the goddess Elnath...

Underneath this holy land lies Ishta. In ancient times, it was said that powerful demons were sealed here. However, one day, demonkind managed to break the seal and ventured upward to Helvetia, where they defeated Elnath.

After conquering the land above, demonkind set up a hierarchical society. Slaves and other beings lacking worth were to have their souls used as the base material to create Tactica, a crystalline object used as a material for weapon manufacturing, or as fuel.

Losing meant becoming a slave, and becoming a slave meant death.

To the humans who had lived peacefully on the holy land, this time period could only be described as an age of darkness.

One empire was ruled by demon nobility, the nation of devils that boasted the largest military power—the "Varganian Empire."

Another was ruled by dragons, a nation that boasted a powerful air force—the "Principality of Archlond."

The third was named after the Eastern Sea—the kingdom of powerful Oni, "Rakshasa."

Finally, the most advanced nation, boasting a technological army made up of corpse soldiers and golem troops—"Necrograd."

All four nations are ruled by unparalleled Dark Lords.

Although the goddess Elnath's troops had lost the war and the goddess they worship, they continue to gather their strength in various parts of Helvetia, plotting to one day rise up once more.

Following the death of Elnath, many angels lost their reason in their grief, becoming Damned Souls that roam the land, indiscriminately killing any living being they come upon.

Because of various circumstance revolving around the princess Sylvia, who opposed all-out war between demonkind, the Empire showed signs of unrest. This revolution was instigated by those who wished to drag the princess into a civil war with the intent of creating political strife.

Leonhardt and the secret task force unit he commands, the "Black Arme Vapula," were charged with ending the civil war and capturing Sylvia.


This was but a stepping stone in the Empress' plan to conquer the three nations that surround her empire, uniting Helvetia and bringing it under her rule.

The Protagonist's Faction's Goal

Our protagonist, Leonhardt, despite being in service to the Varganian Empire as the leader of a task force unit, wishes to one day destroy the Empire, and use it as a foundation to build his own nation.

On the other hand, one of Leonhardt's ally, the White Princess Sylvia, sees the suffering of the citizens living under the tyrannical rule and corruption of the Varganian Empire, and wishes to change things for the better.

He, who wishes for the destruction of the Empire so that he may rule in its place...

She, who wishes for revolution, as well as peace and stability for the world...

What awaits them at the end of their journey...?


The land present at the bottom of the world, Ishta is a cursed land where any and all resources have dried up...Before demonkind advanced onto the surface of the world, they were sealed in the furthest depths of Ishta.


A crystalline object imbued with power that is made by sacrificing the soul of a living being. It increases the efficiency in which magic is transmitted, and is capable of supplying it in large quantities which makes it ideal for use as fuel, or as a base material for weapon manufacturing.

Dark Lord

The title given to the 4 queens who rule over their respective nations.

This title is currently held by the leaders of the Varganian Empire, the Principality of Archlond, Rakshasa and Necrograd.

Wraith Unit

A melding of multiple souls that are fused together into a single living organism, Wraith Units are also known as living weapons powered by Tactica.

Wraith Organization Ishbel

A science association that was formed to research 'Laografia', a process which led to the creation of Tactica. A machine created to defeat the gods.


New Features

Battalion Battles (Triple Squad Battles)

Putting together a squad of six units as a concept is still present. However, in this new installment of the VenusBlood series, we present you with the new "Battalion Battle" system!

With three squads of six units each, you enter battle... with all 18 units!

Each squad has its own individual force gauge! This allows you to, under ideal circumstances, unleash three powerful Tactical skills in a single turn!

Unlike in VBFI, you can position your unit squads onto specific bases!

Therefore, rather than just pushing forward offensively, do consider leaving some units behind to defend your bases as well!

In VBH, by reducing the number of additional attacks and combining it with the skills that allow you to hit multiple enemies, the battles are sped up compared to earlier games in the series, resulting in more expedient battles!


In this game, you can "morph" the captured Dark Lords to make them loyal to you, or you can leave them be in their original form!

Once a Dark Lord is fully morphed, both their outward appearance and personality will change, and they will thus pledge their eternal loyalty to you!

Each queen has a close subordinate, and it is possible to recruit both master and servant into your army! Of course, this also means that you can "morph" them both!

Just like in VBFI, there are two levels of "morphing."

The final step to fully "morph" a Dark Lord involves a ritual known as "Fusion." By melding together their soul with the soul of a trusted ally, they gain even more power!

Despite its name, "Fusion" does not sacrifice the subordinate they fused with, which means they will remain with their master in service to your army!

In the Chaos route, should you decide to "morph" them even further, you may eventually break their minds, destroying whatever was left of their personality and character, leaving them in a "Mindbroken" state.

Will you leave the captured Dark Lords the way they are?

Will you 'Awaken' them by extensively morphing them?

Or perhaps you prefer a broken Dark Lord...?

The choice, their fate... is left in your hands.

Freedom to customize/optimize your favorite units!

(Titles, Growth, Equipment, Loyalty etc.)

You can customize your units: raising them, putting them into squads, giving them titles via the title system, giving them equipment, as well as seeing their loyalty rise and fall depending on your decisions throughout the game.

Conquering Master & Servant!

All 4 Dark Lords have a close subordinate with which they share a close bond with, and there are many training scenes where they are together!

Just like in VenusBlood FRONTIER International, there are two levels to their hypnosis training.

At the end of their training, master and servant undergo the 'Fusion' process.


'Fusion' is a dark ceremony that can be performed at the height of 'hypnosis training'.

By combining and melding together with the master the soul of one's most treasured and trusted subordinate, the Dark Lord will achieve a form more powerful than ever before. After the ceremony is completed, they will also have pledged their eternal loyalty to the conductor of the ceremony.


When it comes to demons with enough power to be known as a Dark Lord, you would surely need to alter them extensively, to the point that you influence their very soul itself in order to have them fall into depravity.

Now then, the themes and methods behind how you mind control them are very important.

To dirty a princess as pure, noble and innocent as Sylvia, her hypnosis involves making her addicted to and dependent on semen.
Using hypnosis to force a princess that you once hated to service you, and then proceed to alter her innermost feelings to make her eventually seek to do so of her own volition...

Feeling any form of pleasure will stimulate her brain, such is her perception, one that came to be via hypnosis. This form of hypnosis alters the way her brain registers incoming stimuli.
As Elea always strives to improve her researching capabilities, by removing her very reason to want to resist, she willingly accepts what Leonhardt does to her.

Dredging up her memories of her childhood when she was but a weak maiden, a form of hypnosis that causes the brain to show vivid recollections of one's past.
By bringing back her memories of when she was a naive, innocent princess who knew naught of the outside world and having it take the place of her current personality, he thus turns her from an innocent maiden into a depraved love slave.

By turning her feelings and protectiveness of her allies and bending her will, turning it all into a feeling of lust...This form of hypnosis alters her 5 senses.
By turning her feelings of friendship and camaraderie with her subordinate into one of carnal lust, and watching as she herself willingly dirties her former friend and subordinate...

To force the once prideful and impudent empress to yield and surrender, this form of hypnosis focuses on forcibly crushing her will and pride.
Tormenting her with multiple tentacles, tossing her to pigs in heat to have their way with her, forcing her to kowtow before you...A form of hypnosis that carves into her very soul the feeling of surrender, as well as the happiness found in being an obedient slave.

A Wide Variety of H-Scenes!

In every nation on Helvetia, there exists their respective Dark Lord, her subordinate, as well as other commanders with face portraits. Some of these commanders with a face portrait can be captured, tied up, and feature in their own 'interrogation' scene!

Squad System

six units make up a single squad. Put together your own custom, unique teams!

Be it a team filled with commander units only, common units only, or a set up based on synergistic affinities, you are free to create handmade teams to conquer the land!

Title System

You can assign titles to soldiers that you hire. By assigning titles, the unit can learn skills that they would not have learned otherwise, giving you even more freedom to customize your units to your liking!

Loyalty System

Bringing units into battle and achieving victory multiple times will cause their loyalty parameter to rise alongside their unit level.

After passing certain thresholds of loyalty, their unit quote on their status screen will change to reflect this, and they will also cost less to deploy, making them even more useful to your cause.

Encounter Battles

The highlight of the battle system where multiple units clash all at once on the battlefield.

In SRPG games, it's pretty common to have a "reserve team" that doesn't see much action. Such a thing would be a rarity here! This system ensures that most if not all of your teams will be taking part in battles.

At The End of Their Training…

When it comes to training your heroines, all the H scenes are dark, hardcore, but also extremely erotic!

However, as the heroines cry out in shame as their faces twist in pain and pleasure, their heart and body steadily get used to it, and in the end, they pledge their entire being to the protagonist.

The Routes of Law and Chaos

Depending on the decisions you make throughout the game, how the story progresses could change, and there are also multiple endings available, including personal endings for all the main heroines.

The route you end up taking can change depending on the level of morphing for certain heroines integral to the story.

In very general terms, you have the path of chaos that tells a chaotic "evil" story versus the path of law that tells an orthodox path of "justice" and nobility.

Collect A Huge Variety of Items

A huge variety of items can drop from battle!

The sheer variety of items should tickle the fancy of any collector who seeks 100% item completion!

The stronger the items, the more useful they are in the hands of your units as they charge into battle!

Bad Endings on Loss

Should you lose to one of the Dark Lords, there are scenes that involve the protagonist being reverse raped, or perhaps, you may even be forced to watch as your allies are raped before your very eyes...
There exists such a scene for every Dark Lord!

Satisfying Systems & Replayability

Multiple difficulty settings, New Game Plus that allows you to carry over progress from your previous run... There are a ton of systems in this game to ensure player satisfaction!

Not to mention, in the Extras menu, you can view not only any H scenes that you have already seen, but even normal story scenes as well as the personal scenes of any heroine! With this system, you can view any scenes that you really liked without having to keep track of save slots.

And for anyone who may not be a big fan of SRPGs but want to enjoy the story, then the easy mode's "Win Skip" function is a system made just for you! By setting the game to easy or very easy, you can instantly skip the entire SRPG section with the system assuming that you have won every battle with a single click of a button!

Very convenient, wouldn't you agree?

Game Flow

Event List

At the end of every chapter or after an event, you will be brought to an event list where you can freely choose what scene you wish to view next.

The scenes in the event list are, broadly speaking, as follows:

'Intimacy' scenes where you spend time with a heroine/'Conversational' scenes where you talk to other characters/'Battles' (Free or story related) and finally, 'Progress' scenes that move the story forward.

You can also check and confirm a multitude of different things on the event list, such as your law/chaos rating as well as heroine affection points and other pertinent information.

Base Capturing Strategy RPG

Create squads of your own hand-picked units and invade the enemy bases! The outcome of battles may be influenced depending on if you invaded during the day or at night!

There are a multitude of different difficulty options available, from nail-biting difficulties that should tickle the fancy of VB veterans to slightly easier difficulties for newcomers.

Selecting either Easy or Very Easy grants you access to the "Win Skip" button, allowing you to instantly win individual battles, or just skip the entire battle section entirely! This mode is recommended for those who just want to enjoy the story!

Hiring, Equipment, and Squad Management

Before you sortie, make sure you have hired the units you wish to use, kitted them out in the latest equipment and put them into a squad!

As the story progresses, you will unlock more units to hire and more equipment to put on them!

There are over 360 different units in the game! Depending on how you raise them, they could become a true asset to your army!


Once your pre-war preparations are complete, it's time for battle!

Should your army and the enemy army meet at a base occupied by either side, a battle will commence that can encapsulate up to 3 squads for both armies, leading to a huge 3 squad Vs 3 squad 'Batallion Battle'!

Make ample use of your formation and tactical skills to grasp victory!

Post-Battle Results

After battle, you can view the post-battle report.

This report contains information such as the casualty report, items obtained as well as letting you know who the MVP of the battle was!

Internal Administration

You can enter the tactics menu from the map screen, and it is on this menu that you can heal your units, tweak their battle tactics and check on your internal administration settings.

When it comes to internal administration, you can invest resources into it to raise your production of certain materials. The unit you set as the leader of a squad will also have an internal administration parameter, and they will assist in internal administration, raising your internal administration parameters even further.

Therefore, even units that you do not actively use in battle can play a role in helping strengthen your army! Simply place them in an empty squad on standby.