The Noble White Princess
Sylvia Hamartia

Height: 155 cm (79/56/81)
Race: Half-Demon (♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

The younger sister of the Demon Empress Karvia, who rules over the Varganian Empire.
She is known as the Empire's "White Princess." Unlike most demons, she is very kind, caring, and compassionate. Displaying qualities of her human mother, she wishes for man and demon to one day come together and live in harmony and peaceful co-existence.
Although she maintains a facade of being a dignified, wise demon princess, she is, in reality, still rather young and takes things as they come at her own pace.
She is a rare being that houses both divine and demonic energy within her. She is rather proficient in healing and purification magic.

"Would you be willing to lend me your power in order to build a better Empire?"

Used to administer healing and for purification. This Tactica amplifies one's power of healing and has the power to purify and undo traps and barriers made from magic and demonic energy by releasing a divine light.

cv.Misonoo Mei

The Devil Princess
Sylvia Hamartia

Sylvia's new form, awakening her latent demonic powers after being morphed extensively by Leonhardt.
After pledging her eternal loyalty to Leonhardt, her aversion to her own desires have disappeared.
Displaying traits more commonly associated with demonkind such as arrogance and being true to one's desires, the once pure and innocent princess is nowhere to be seen anymore.
After undergoing Fusion with her subordinate Judecca, she has since gained the power to manipulate ice and crystals.

"Fufu, I'll make sure to entertain you even more. Is that all right, Leonhardt?"

cv.Misonoo Mei

Icy Beauty
Judecca Rosequartz

Height: 169 cm (89/60/88)
Race: Anti-Magicker (♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

Sylvia's loyal subordinate who serves the Varganian Empire.
After her life was saved by Sylvia, she pledged fealty to Sylvia and became her subordinate. She takes care of Sylvia's personal needs, is her personal bodyguard, and supports her master as much as she can.
She is also very friendly, and her own subordinates consider her a very reliable person. However, she shows no mercy to anyone she deems a threat to her master. With her icy blade techniques, she can instantly turn an enemy into mincemeat as she becomes a cold, efficient killer.
She was once known as a talented, powerful individual. Using this reputation of hers, she protects Sylvia from her multitude of political enemies.

"Going along with the selfish wishes of one's master is, after all, the duty of a subordinate."

Contains the power of ice, and is used to freeze things. Useful both inside and outside of combat, it instantly extinguishes the heat from anything that touches it. It is an extremely effective weapon when used in combat.

cv.Azuma Karin

Seasoned Soldier
Leonhardt Arknoah

Height: 196cm
Race: Wraith Unit (♂)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

The commander of the "Black Arme Vapula" that serves the Demon Empire and the protagonist of this game.
A bold and courageous fighter who also cares for his subordinates, he is trusted and revered by those around him. After quelling the rebellion in the Demon Empire, he was entrusted with command of the army to lead into battle against the other three Dark Lords.
He is a Wraith Unit, a living weapon, and his sword is capable of devouring energy, which he then absorbs to become stronger.

"Heh, bring it on, then! I'll devour all of it... Your energy, that is...!"

Gula Satanas
A Tactica with the power to absorb energy. Capable of absorbing energy from others, strengthening the user in turn.

Black Maiden
Anora Arknoah

Height: 148cm(73/51/71)
Race: Wraith Unit (♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

Sub-commander of the "Black Arme Vapula," a secret task force unit that serves directly under the Demon Empress.
She is Leonhardt's cousin, and they share a very close bond, such that she would not hesitate to trade her own life for his.
When their country was invaded and destroyed, Anora was forcibly turned into a Wraith Unit to be used as a weapon against the gods. Upon becoming one, she gained the ability to interfere with and influence the souls of others, which eventually led to the ability to "morph" others. However, the amount of energy required is so massive that it shortens her lifespan every time she uses it. She also has a familiar in the shape of a black cat named Envy.

"I will carve open the path that you desire... That is just the way I am."

This Tactica facilitates her ability to morph others. By forcibly interfering with and influencing the soul of another, she can freely morph and change their very being. Due to the nature of the Tactica, it is very well suited for missions that involve infiltration, sabotage, and spywork.

cv.Aoba Ringo

Energetic Defense Captain

Height: 148cm(80/56/79)
Race: Lupold (♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

She is Leonhardt's subordinate, and is a squad captain within the "Black Arme Vapula."
She is adored by Leon, and he considers her a reliable subordinate who works hard for his sake in keeping the unit organized.
She was born a Lupold, which is considered a rare species on Helvetia. Although she is rather petite, she is extremely proficient in defensive battles. She is rather good at taking care of others, and as such she is well liked by her subordinates.
However, she dislikes thinking about overly complex things.

"Commander, we're all set here and ready to go!"

Veil Ground
A defensive Tactica. Capable of producing a defensive barrier with the protection of the earth, this Tactica can provide a huge boost to an army's defensive power for short periods of time.

cv.Saki Yutaka

Almighty Empress
Karvia Kurlsevni

Height: 177cm(101/59/88)
Race: Demon (♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

The Empress of the Demon Empire, which boasts the largest military power of the four nations on Helvetia. With vast magical energy, she is considered to be the strongest Demon in recent history, having been the one that defeated the goddess in the war.
Cold and ruthless, she rules as a tyrant with overwhelming power, executing anyone she doesn't like or agree with. Due to this, she has become known as the Dark "Empress."
Having waited for the chaos following the battle against the goddess to settle down, she took advantage of the momentary peace to advance her plans to take over all of Helvetia, starting an all-out war among demonkind.

"Consider it an honor that you can die for me..."

A cursed Tactica. Grants the user an evil cursed eye that can forcibly imbue a foe with numerous ailments until they die.

cv.Momozono Kaoru

The Enslaved Empress
Karvia Kurlsevni

Karvia's new form, awakening her latent demonic powers after being morphed extensively by Leonhardt.
Her arrogant personality as the Empress, as well as her pride have all been transformed into love and subordination for Leonhardt after being morphed.
Acting at times as a lover, she makes ample use of her charms to entice Leon and flirts with him.
Her soul is bonded with Celias after undergoing Fusion with her.

"Ahh... Master, please, have mercy on me...!"

cv.Momozono Kaoru

The Wraith Knight

Height: 168cm(87/56/83)
Race: Wraith Unit (♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

The Commander-in-chief of the Varganian army and one of the two warrior guardians of the Varganian Empire. She is considered to be a Wraith Unit of a higher rank with higher skill parameters compared to Leonhardt.
She is Karvia's loyal subordinate, and is the commander of the Wraith Corps, a unit considered to be the strongest within the Varganian Empire's army. Although she is often strict and stays relatively quiet, she completely changes when in battle, charging forward and relentlessly destroying the enemy, not stopping until they are turned into dust.

"My sword cuts through anything and everything. Prepare yourself!"

A Tactica that enhances slashes. This Tactica allows the user to cut through anything. No magically enhanced barrier, divine barrier, or anything of the sort can prevent the user from slashing their target.

cv.Togashi Kei

The Cunning Chancellor of the Empire

Height: 188cm
Race: Demon (♂)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

Considered one of the two guardians of the Varganian Empire, he is a cunning strategist that has served the Empire since long ago.
He completely understands Karvia's methodology and wields his political power and knowledge for her sake. Underneath his calm exterior, he has contingency plans in place with multiple levels to all of his strategies, which he executes with laser precision and without the slightest twitch of the eyebrow.
As he is willing to sacrifice anything in order to execute his plans, he is feared by many.

"This is the result of a decision you made. Resign yourself to it, and accept it."

A Tactica that drains energy. This Tactica releases a poisonous miasma that saps the life force of any living being caught in it.

cv.Suzumiya Nayuta

The Crafty Necro Lord
Eleanore de Victorique

Height: 168cm(90/56/88)
Race: Lich (♀)
Affiliation: Necrograd

The Dark Lord of Necrograd who specializes in the science of ascension and death. Even now, she strives to advance her country further technologically, and continues her research day and night.
She was the lead researcher in the "Wraith Organization Ishbel," which was the group that first discovered and manufactured Tactica. She has contributed much to science and society. The normalization of Tactica as an energy resource and as a weapon is thanks mostly to her research.
However, she is a very relaxed person who takes things at her own pace. She only ever acts out of her own curiosity and is indifferent to anything else. Therefore, she has her assistant and subordinate Tetra handle her personal care and other affairs.
In order to strengthen her subordinate Tetra even further, she has continued to tinker with and upgrade her day and night. Due to her involvement with Ishbel, she is old friends with Leonhardt.

"All right, let us do our best today as well in researching death...!"

Laurel Friedrich
A Tactica with the power to confer elemental affinities. By combining the power of this Tactica with the bullets fired from her gun, she can imbue it with the elemental affinity of her grimoire. A Tactica with the power to deny one of the fundamental rules of the universe, truly a Tactica worthy of a Dark Lord.

cv.Satou Reira

Fullmetal Woman
Eleanore de Victorique

Eleanore's new form, awakening her latent demonic powers after being morphed extensively by Leonhardt.
Although nothing much appears to have changed, as her indifference to anything but what would sate her curiosity has not changed... That is simply what it looks like on the surface.
Her very soul is pledged to Leonhardt, after all. After extensive morphing, she has become completely addicted to it, and often begs Leonhardt to morph her further whenever she can. She has truly become Leonhardt's loyal servant.
Her Fusion partner was Tetra, her golem assistant. As a result, she has gained even stronger control over magic and machinery than she ever had before.

"If it's for you, Leon, I'd be willing to accept anything you do to me, you know...?"

cv.Satou Reira

The Android Weapon

Height: 152cm(81/56/77)
Race: Combat Golem (♀)
Affiliation: Necrograd

A combat golem created by Eleanore. Eleanore considers Tetra to be her masterpiece, as she is packed with extreme destructive potential and is completely loyal.
She is extremely dependent on Eleanore, detests making decisions by herself, and often sticks very close to Eleanore. As she was made using the parts of destroyed golems in the previous war, these parts only show their true power during combat. During daily life, however, she often trips as a result of the parts being unbalanced.
She takes care of Eleanore's personal needs in day-to-day life, and apparently Eleanore really likes the coffee Tetra makes.

"I'm very happy to be praised by Master..."

Hateful Scream
A Tactica that produces vibrations. Using sound waves, this Tactica can cause objects to rupture or break apart, making it useful for destroying enemy defenses.

cv.Shibuya Hime

The Valorous Youkai Lord

Height: 145cm(72/54/74)
Race: Oni (♀)
Affiliation: Rakshasa

The Dark Lord of the only nation to adopt the culture of the eastern lands on Helvetia, the Rakshasa.
She is considered the strongest Oni and is said to also be the strongest among all of the Dark Lords in terms of physical strength alone.
A large-hearted and single-minded character, she is very courteous and friendly with anyone she has shared a cup of sake with. As a result, she is well liked by her citizens.
On the other hand, she dislikes complicated, detailed work and is often unable to stay still for too long. She often sneaks out of the castle, only to be lectured by her subordinate, Ayame, once she gets back.
Just looking at the way she acts, she may seem a little out of it, but she does consider the future of her country and takes matters related to her nation very seriously. She spends every day and night gathering the strength to defeat the Empire that seeks to take over her country.
She absolutely loves sake, and carries around with her a flask so that she can get drunk anywhere, anytime.

"Haha! I like it, I really do like men like you who bark loudly, you know?"

A Tactica that discharges lightning. Capable of charging and accumulating electrical energy, the Tactica can discharge all that energy at once, releasing a single devastating attack. When charged to maximum power, it's destructive potential against single target is considered top-class, even among the other Dark Lords.

cv.Andou Ryuu

Bluebolt Yakshini

Tsubaki's new form, awakening her latent demonic powers after being morphed extensively by Leonhardt.
Her power as an Oni is amplified, and her body is now surrounded by blue lightning. However, at the same time, due to the nature in which she was morphed by Leonhardt, she has also become extremely aggressive when it comes to pursuing his love and her other desires.
Due to her newfound ruthlessness in battle, she has become known as the Oni God of Destruction, a title she often gets teased with.
She derives pleasure from crushing her enemies now, too, which would make her a veritable blood knight.

"Ahah... Come on, give me more... I'm not satisfied at all with just this..."

cv.Andou Ryuu

The Eastern Number One Onmyouji

Height: 160cm(86/57/82)
Race: Nekomata (♀)
Affiliation: Rakshasa

The prime minister of the Rakshasa who supports Tsubaki as her aide. As Tsubaki is not very well versed in politics and negotiations, Ayame does most of it for her, which means that just about all internal affairs are being handled by Ayame.
She is Tsubaki's childhood friend, and she realized that, even back then, she already acted as an aide towards Tsubaki. She is an onmyouji and is well versed in Oni sorcery. She can often divine a proper national policy for the nation to follow.
She is a natural caretaker and does her job well. She is always concerned about the sheer amount of sake that Tsubaki consumes on a regular basis.

"Bear witness to the secret art of the Eastern Nation...!"

Suikou Setten
A Tactica that controls water. This Tactica allows the user to control water and mist, allowing her to properly set things up for when the time comes to unveil her sorcery.

cv.Momoya Minami

The Prideful Firedrake Lord
Julia von Archlond

Height: 166cm(88/56/84)
Race: Dragon (♀)
Affiliation: Principality of Archlond

The ruler of the home to dragons, the Principality of Archlond, which is located on the western side of Helvetia.
The Principality of Archlond is houses the strongest air force on all of Helvetia, and the "Scharlachrot Flugel" elite unit that she personally commands is considered the strongest in the army, as proven by the feats they accomplished in the war against the goddess.
Within Archlond exists a small segregated community suspended in the air, where only winged beings are allowed entry. She normally resides there.
Although she treats everyone harshly, she is somewhat more lenient when it comes to her younger sister, Liese.

"In order to protect the pride of the Principality of Archlond, I will defeat the Empire!"

Prominence Bolg
A Tactica that produces flames. This Tactica can create a storm of fire that turns everything that crosses its path into ash. Against an advancing army, the destructive power afforded by this Tactica is considered top class, even among the Dark Lords.


Infernal Bride
Julia von Archlond

Julia's new form, awakening her latent demonic powers after being morphed extensively by Leonhardt.
Having had her pride as a queen completely shattered and having undergone Fusion, she has become an obedient wife and lover who would willingly obey any order Leonhardt gives her.
Her mind is filled with nothing but thoughts of her beloved Leonhardt, that she does not hesitate in referring to herself as Leonhardt's wife as a sign of her loyalty.
Her soul is fused with that of her younger sister, Liese, and as a result, her flames burn brighter and stronger than ever before.


The Innocent Dragon Songstress
Liese von Archlond

Height: 138cm(74/53/72)
Race: Dragon (♀)
Affiliation: Principality of Archlond

Liese is a part of Archlond's royalty and is Julia's younger sister. As she is sickly, she often coops herself up in her own room.
She is a very kind and caring person, and it is said that her singing voice is very soothing and that all who hear it are healed. Therefore, Liese will sometimes go out in public to sing.
She often puts up a front of being healthy and energetic to prevent her sister from worrying about her too much, and Liese herself cares deeply for her sister.
Liese also has her very own fanclub.

"Fufu, I'm fine, dear sister. Just look, the weather is nice and warm today, don't you agree?"

A Tactica of blessings. By folding the power of this Tactica into her songs, she blesses any who hear her sing.

cv.Hoshizora Yume

The Goddess's Apostle

Height: 160cm(90/59/88)
Race: Angel (♀)
Affiliation: The Goddess' Army

A high-ranking angel who used to serve the goddess Elnath. A merciful and gentle angel, she has gathered many followers.
She had lived peacefully with her fellow angel siblings while the goddess was still alive, but that peace was stolen away by the Demons when they invaded.
At the end of the battle, the goddess and her siblings were captured and turned into Tactica or forced to kill each other for sport. Luseli, who was spared such a fate, was forced to witness it all happen in front of her.
Seeking to defeat the Demons who conquered Helvetia, she continues to build up an army as she goes around helping people.

"Sinful Demons, I shall pass judgement on you!"

cv.Toudou Misaki

The Ancient Archdemon

Height: 163cm(96/59/88)
Race: Demon (♀)
Affiliation: ??

The voluptuous devil who took control of the Cursed Land Ishta after the Demons left for Helvetia.
Although she favors provocative clothing that would cause people to mistake her for a succubus, the amount of magical energy she has is not to be underestimated.
Many who live in the deepest trenches of Ishta are extremely powerful Demons, and the fact that she can live among them gives credit to the rumors that she is the Great Devil from ancient times.
She likes those who are strong, and Leonhardt has attracted her attention. However...

"Fufu, I hope you cry out in a delightful voice. If so, then maybe I might change my mind..."

cv.Sakaki Haruno

Wraith Scientist

Height: 172cm
Race: ?? (♂)
Affiliation: Neutral

A hermit who lives in the magical wasteland on the surface level of Ishta. He often speaks in a dramatic manner, painting things as grander than they appear.
He claims to be a scientist who studies Ascension and is currently cooperating with Leonhardt. He is the most knowledgeable of anyone when it comes to ancient relics and legends.

"Allow me to predict the future... You, you will one day cause chaos and destruction unlike anything the world has ever seen before."

cv.Nakatagi Yurohika

Sub Characters

Empire's Beastfolk Subdivision Captain

Race: Beastfolk(♀)
Affiliation: Varganian Empire

The commander of the Burckhardt division of the Empire's army.
Unable to bear with the nobles in the Empire, she instigated a rebellion.

"You degenerate nobles of the Empire, I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

cv.Shibuya Hime

The Beastfolk Alliance's Merchant

Race: Beastfolk (♀)
Affiliation: Grindolf Beastfolk Union

A beastfolk merchant who travels around Helvetia, helping fellow beastmen and peddling her wares. She is a well-known merchant, and is very knowledgeable about the circumstances and situation in the other nations.

"Comrades help each other out. After all, weaker races like us beastmen have to help each other out to survive!"

cv.Azuma Karin

Sky Dragon Assault Unit Captain

Race: Dragon Newt (♂)
Affiliation: Principality of Archlond

The captain of the Sky Dragon Assault Unit, which is considered one of Archlond's two strongest units.

"Gahaha! You wingless will never be able to catch up with us!"

cv.Hoshi Hitori

Archlond's Pirate Sisters
Dorothy & Amy

Race: Slime Lady (♀)
Affiliation: The Western Pirates

A couple of slime lady siblings who have taken over the Principality of Archlond's surrounding waters.
They recruit lawless groups into their ranks, and rampage around as they please.
The intellectual cool older sister Dorothy, and her energetic idiot of a sister Amy.

"All we did was choose the most effective means of earning money!"

"Yeah, that's right! If we can make money, everything is easy! I can buy a lot of sweets!"

cv.Saki Yutaka(Dorothy)

cv.Momoya Minami(Amy)

The Earth Dragons' Strongest Warrior

Race: Dragon(♂)
Affiliation: Anti-Archlond Organization Syldra

A warrior affiliated with the organization known as Syldra who are opposed to the Archlond royal family. Orga was once considered the strongest Earth dragon who had no equal.

"For the sake of my comrades and to preserve their pride, I will fight to my last breath."

cv.Suzumiya Nayuta

Risen Princess

Race: Zombie Maiden(♀)
Affiliation: Necrograd

A zombie maiden who leads the risen unit in Necrograd. She cuts down her enemies with the power of her resentment, and each and every one of her attacks contains tremendous destructive force.

"Come... I will kill you. Let us start the banquet of death..."

cv.Momoya Minami

The Oni Girl of the Eastern Lands

Race: Oni(♀)
Affiliation: Tanba Group

An Oni girl who leads scattered forces on the outskirts of the Rakshasa nation. Her organization is known as the "Red Earth Wave," a collection of blacksmiths.

"All right, everyone! Let's show them all that blacksmithing isn't the only thing we can do...!"

cv.Momozono Kaoru

The Purple Flash Kunoichi

Race: Nue(♀)
Affiliation: Rakshasa

A kunoichi who serves the Rakshasa nation. She is a member of the extremely powerful Nue race.
She serves directly under Ayame, observing and collecting information as well as sabotaging their enemies.

"As you wish, my lord."

cv.Momozono Kaoru

Rakshasa's Special Attack Unit Captain

Race: Oni(♂)
Affiliation: Rakshasa

A bloodthirsty Oni youth who serves the Rakshasa nation. His power is the real thing, and despite his youth, he is relied upon as the captain of the Rakshasa's Special Attack Unit.

"Heheh, all right, let's get started! Let's make this fight an amazing one, yeah?!"

cv.Suzumiya Nayuta

The Onmyouji Dorm's Sorcerer of Wind

Race: Tengu(♀)
Affiliation: Rakshasa

Kaya is childhood friends with Shinra, and is an accomplished Onmyouji that lives in the Onmyouji dormitory. She supports the bullheaded and brash Shinra from right beside him.

"I, too, am considered an Onmyouji...! Therefore, I'll do my best in this battle...!"

cv.Saki Yutaka